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CREEPYPASTA: The Notorious “Unwanted Houseguest” Stars in Music Video “Ghost Me!”

Among the lore of scary memes, one of the all-time creepiest is a hand-drawn “self-portrait” of a sinister, smiling boogeyman whose face has been accompanied by hundreds of ominous captions — nearly all of which involve this mystery monster lurking somewhere in the reader’s home.

This nightmarish reputation has earned the character the popular nickname “Unwanted Houseguest,” although he’s sometimes given alternate handles like “Horrifying Houseguest” or “Shadowlurker.” Here’s the original, unedited sketch from which the original meme was spawned:

In the years since the meme’s creation, Unwanted Houseguest (we’ll call him “UH” for short) has been recreated countless times in fan art, videos, cosplay, and alternate backstories among the creepypasta and flash-fiction community. You can even see his evil grinning visage adorning t-shirts and coffee mugs.

But just recently, UH has resurfaced in a bizarre but fascinating new incarnation — as a pop star.

Yes, you read that right… the face that launched a thousand creepy memes has found a new calling as an undead performance artist (sort of a modern-day Phantom of the Opera), who has been sighted numerous times on various social platforms like Omegle, making surprise appearances and singing spooky, melancholy songs to random users.

He’s also got his own Instagram, with a large gallery of artwork — including sketches, comic panels and behind-the-scenes images — all infused with the artist’s hilariously macabre and twisted humor.

UH’s musical career takes a new turn in his new music video “Ghost Me” — featuring St. Louis-based hip-hop artist/producer Akeda — which makes its World Premiere right here! Dig it…

Akeda portrays a supernatural presence himself in the clip, apparently trapped within the walls of a haunted house, while UH tries (mostly in vain) to conduct paranormal experiments in his basement laboratory.

You can watch more of the Houseguest’s videos at his official YouTube channel — including a musical tribute to the popular GOOSEBUMPS tale “The Haunted Mask” — and you can spin more of Akeda’s tracks at his official SoundCloud page.