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These 3 TV Spots For ALIEN: COVENANT Tease Crazy New Alien Hybrid!

Ready or not, Ridley Scott’s new ALIEN movie is coming!

In anticipation of the May 19th release date, a handful of new TV spots for ALIEN: COVENANT have surfaced and begun airing on TV. 3 to be exact, and each one is named after the tagline for the flick: Run. Pray. Hide.

It’s always good to get more glimpses of some Xenomorph mayhem, but what’s of note in the last of these particular spots is a look at the super crazy looking alien hybrid, the Neomorph, a slightly more evolved version of the alien we saw at the tail end of PROMETHEUS. Below are all 3 spots as one long trailer, courtesy of our friends at

ALIEN: COVENANT opens May 19th.



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