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If anyone could make you a believer of UFOs and aliens, it’s Robert Stack and his ominous voiceover. UNSOLVED MYSTERIES depicted many cases of murder and missing people, and it also featured stories about mysterious events, strange phenomena, and unexplainable sightings.

Many of those unexplainable sightings were of UFOs accompanied by bright lights flying in the sky. The series featured frightening stories of victims of alien abductions, and eye-witness accounts to some of the world’s most bizarre cases of unknown flying objects in the sky.

These are four UFO cases from UNSOLVED MYSTERIES that will make you believers in alien life.


Wytheville UFO Sighting

On October 7, 1987, radio DJ Danny Gordon decided to have a segment on a reported UFO sighting in the Wytheville, Virginia area. He spoke to three police officers who explained seeing a UFO in the sky. Their story prompted many Wytheville residents to call in and exclaim they had also seen UFO’s in the sky. The segment proved to be so popular for Gordon’s show that he decided to dedicate and entire episode to listener UFO stories.

One caller described seeing an egg-shaped object flying in the sky, and another insisted there were red, green and white flashing lights radiating from the unknown object. Gordon believed the sightings were possibly military crafts refueling in the sky; however, a call to the Pentagon proved his theory wrong because planes weren’t allowed to fly in that specific area.

Determined to find out what everyone was seeing, Gordon and a friend drove out to the area to investigate. While they were driving, they noticed an object hovering in the sky. The flying object was shaped like a dome and it had a strobe light beaming on top of it.

After the unexplainable event, Gordon held a press conference to inform the town. Then he allegedly began receiving threats from government officials to stop investigating. At one point, his home was reportedly broken into.

Shaken up by the threats, but not hindered from his search, Gordon carried on looking for answers. Then, several weeks later while out with his wife and daughter Gordon was shocked to see UFOS hovering above them. He managed to photograph the incident which showed the flying objects changing forms in the sky before disappearing.

The UFO sightings continued to rise in the small town, and eventually over 1,500 people reported seeing unknown objects and bright lights hovering in the sky. Over time the reports subsided, but the events in 1987 would forever remain in the town’s history.


The Allagash Abductions

When four men entered the Allagash Wilderness in August, 1976, they would return changed men. Brothers Jack and Jim Weiner, and their friends Chuck Rak and Charlie Foltz set out for a two-week camping trip in the Maine woods hoping for rest and relaxation. However, the trip immediately started off with a strange event: bright lights in the sky.

Jim spotted a strange object that emitted a bright light, floating in the sky. It hovered for several seconds before vanishing. Jim brushed it off, until two days later when the object returned.

Jim and the others were fishing on a boat when the bright lights and unknown flying object appeared above them. Frightened, the men began paddling back to shore—and the light followed them. Suddenly, they found themselves back on the shore, and the fire they had set was burnt out as though they had been gone on the lake for hours.

They felt like something wasn’t right, but the men couldn’t explain what happened. When they returned home, no one believed their story. But, that didn’t stop the memories from pushing their way to the surface.

In 1988, Jim started having nightmares that he and his friends were naked on a bench, afraid. He knew it had to do with the events that happened in the Allagash woods, so he contacted UFO researcher Ray Fowler for help.

Fowler put the men under hypnosis, and it was then they revealed the horrifying truth of what happened on August 20th. The men described being abducted from their boat, stripped naked, and probed by unknown people. When they were out of their hypnosis, they were given polygraph tests—which they passed.

The men believed they were truly abducted that night; however, critics believe that their admissions under hypnosis were unreliable.


The Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum Incident
On December 29, 1980, friends Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum, along with Landrum’s 7 year old grandson, were driving back to their Dayton, Texas home. As they drove along an isolated road through the woods, they spotted a light emanating above the trees. They assumed the light was a plane, until they saw it again further up the road—only the light was brighter.

The woman described seeing a diamond-shaped flying object in the sky, and it was exuding flames and a heat so powerful that it warmed their car. At this point they stopped their car and got out to investigate. Just as soon as they saw the object, it shot up into the sky and out of view. Then it gets weirder—the women claimed that 23 military helicopters followed the object.

Immediately after the incident, the three individuals became sick. Each experienced nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, and burning in their eyes. Their bodies were so hot and sensitive to the touch, as though they had received sunburns. Large, painful blisters formed on their skin, patches of skin began falling off, and clumps of their hair came out.

When they went to the ER, doctors stated it appeared the women had experience some type of radiation. The women were convinced that their symptoms were caused by the UFO in the sky, and they believed the military was involved.

They filed a complaint against the Bergstrom Air Force base seeking compensation for their injuries; however, their case was dismissed for lack of proof.

The Rendlesham Forest Incident
Another event in December 1980 would become one of the most documented UFO cases in all of Britain, eventually earning it the moniker “Britain’s Roswell.”

The events occurred in the early hours on a military base in Woodbridge, England. Airman first class John Burroughs was on patrol of the Woodbridge Airbrase with another officer when they saw a bright light coming from the Rendlesham forest. The duo reported the incident to their superior officer, and as they did another officer came to them inquiring about the lights too.|

The officers entered the forest to investigate further and spotted an object moving through the trees. Jim Penniston, the officer accompanying Burroughs, described the object as being covered in hieroglyphic-like characters.

The object made the animals in the forest upset, and their cries filled the air. Then the object disappeared.

Two nights later, another group of military personnel saw the same object. Lt. Colonel Charles Holt wanted to disprove the claims on a UFO, so he went into the woods with a tape recorder to record his findings. Once at the location he recorded,  “I see it too… it’s back again… it’s coming this way… there’s no doubt about it… this is weird… it looks like an eye winking at you… it almost burns your eyes… he’s coming toward us now… now we’re observing what appears to be a beam coming down to the ground… one object still hovering over Woodbridge base… beaming down”

The next night another group experienced the same event. Larry Warren was on patrol with Sgt. Adrian Bustinza and other personnel when they followed the lights into a field. They saw a small, red light the size of a basketball approaching the coast, hovering 20 feet off the ground. Then, the light exploded and an unknown craft appeared on the forest floor.

Warren and Bustinza were ordered to leave the area and as they did, they noticed an alien creature departing the craft. Several hours later, he witnessed the craft fly up into the air and disappear.

Many remain skeptical of the events and theorized the sightings were actually stars, or lights from a nearby lighthouse, but the men have stuck to their story that what they witnessed was something otherworldly.