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The Legendary Walter Hill Joins Mick Garris On The Latest POST MORTEM Podcast!

The POST MORTEM podcast on PodcastOne is only on its 4th episode, and yet it’s already among my favorite, must-listen shows. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering it’s hosted by Mick Garris, establish horror writer/director/author, and creator of the “Masters of Horror” TV series.

There’s a bevy of incredible archival interviews that date back to the Z Channel days all the way up to the FEARnet version of POST MORTEM all available via Mick Garris But now, it’s fun to have this new podcast iteration of the show.

On the latest episode, Mick sits down with the legendary Walter Hill to discuss his new feature film THE ASSIGNMENT. The discussion covers a lot of Hill’s career, including his help launching HBO’s TALES FROM THE CRYPT series, and a fun revelation about the original ALIEN, in which WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? director (and one of the subjects of the TV series FUED: BETTER AND JOAN) Robert Aldrich was originally attached to direct from a script by Hill with David Giler. You can hear all this and more on the episode embedded below!

If you haven’t already, you should catch up on the previous three episodes, which include chats with Rob Zombie, the directors of the female helmed horror anthology XX, and a political discussion with Joe Dante and John Landis!

Find it directly on the Podcast One website, or search for it on your podcast app or on iTunes and subscribe. Upcoming guests include Stuart Gordon, Eli Roth and Don Coscarelli! You should also check out the archive of his video interviews via his official website: