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NIGHT TERRORS: Horror’s Answer to POKEMON GO Now Available for Free!

Need something to do tonight? Download NIGHT TERRORS: THE BEGINNING. The augmented reality horror experience is now available for download on the iPhone store for free–the best price of all.

I’ve written about this creepy AR horror game before, but for the uninitiated: NIGHT TERRORS uses your smartphone to haunt your house. You turn off the lights, put in your earbuds, and wander around in the darkness hunting ghosts. NIGHT TERRORS controls your light, feeds unnerving sounds into your ears, subtly twists the images on your screen, and encourages you to seek out unspeakable things hidden in your home.

“We feel that a lot of consumers will enjoy a taste of AR Horror, on devices they own, without having to go out and spend a bunch of money on new equipment,” Bryce Katz, partner at developer Novum Analytics said. “Making some content free to all players to experience makes the most sense in accomplishing that.”

The newly free taste of NIGHT TERRORS even has some new content attached. According to Katz, the improvements are a lot of code-fixes and backend-whatnot, but users “will definitely see some new stuff” too.

As for when the full version of NIGHT TERRORS is going to be released, some of that depends on you, iPhone owner. “We have grandiose visions, and we’re the type of people that won’t settle for a half-assed version,” Katz explained. “We figured, ‘why not swing for the fences in order to make this an unforgettable experience for the fans?’ That involves building more users.”

Become one of those users now by downloading NIGHT TERRORS: THE BEGINNING on the iTunes App store.