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Ice-T Talks His Love of Japanese Horror Movies, His New Album BLOODLUST and the Kind of Film He’d Direct

In both his music and his movies, Ice-T has never been one to shy away from dark, confrontational fare. And on the eve of the release of his Body Count band’s new album BLOODLUST, the rapper/actor (represented on screen this month in the Prohibition vampire flick BLOODRUNNERS) reveals that he consumes extreme entertainment as enthusiastically as he churns it out.

When it comes to the films he watches, “I’m into heavy, hardcore horror like Japanese movies, the real disturbing shit,” he says. “Like, have you ever seen GROTESQUE?” (If you haven’t, it’s a 2009 flick by director Koji Shiraishi—who gave us the much more benign SADAKO VS. KAYAKO last year—in which a sadist kidnaps a young couple and subjects them to horrific tortures. It was banned back at the time by the British Board of Film Classification.) “That shit is hard-bodied. My wife and I sit up and watch the crazy Japanese ones, movies with exploding vaginas and Godzilla monsters coming out. I just watched one the other night called YAKUZA APOCALYPSE [by the unstoppable Takashi Miike], and there’s a big guy in a green fucking frog suit running around doing kung fu, and I was like, ‘What the fuck? [Laughs] How much acid was needed to make this movie?’

“I love stuff like AUDITION, and French films like IRREVERSIBLE,” he continues. “I go all the way to the limit—super-hardcore shit like A SERBIAN FILM that most people can’t even stomach.”
No doubt those with sensitive constitutions will have the same reaction to BLOODLUST, which drops this Friday, March 31. “It’s about the different ways that humans are bloodthirsty, you know?” he says. “How we fuck our own selves up, how we are the main virus. I deal with all these different angles of approach to how bloodthirsty we are. There’s one song called ‘Here I Go Again,’ which is a serial-killer thing, and the video for it is like a horror movie; it’s about a serial killer who blacks out and wakes up after he’s killed people every night. The makeup guy who got me into BLOODRUNNERS, Michael Harvey, did all the special effects for it. The first single is out now, called ‘No Lives Matter,’ and the video has over 500,000 views on YouTube.”

Ice-T has a long history as an actor, from his breakout turn in NEW JACK CITY through his confrontation with Warwick Davis’ little green villain in LEPRECHAUN IN THE HOOD and beyond, not to mention his long-running gig on TV’s LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT, which is approaching its 20th year (!). He reveals that he has entertained the thought of getting behind the camera to direct or produce, and says, “The first movie I’ll do will be something very warped. I’ve written a couple, but I haven’t gotten to make them,” and he doesn’t want to discuss the premises: “When you do horror and suspense movies, you can’t even talk about them without giving away the whole goddamn story. But I don’t think I would try to do a comedy, or an action-drama. I would do something very dark and culty and disturbing.

“I’ve been working on LAW & ORDER for 18 years and it takes up most of my time, but all good things come to an end, so maybe in a few years, it’ll happen,” he adds. “George Romero’s still alive, so I’ve got time.” Is Romero someone with whom he’s thinking of collaborating? “No, I’m just looking at people who are older than me!” he laughs. “When you get to be my age, you look at the bar and you’re like, ‘Oh shit, Mick Jagger’s still rocking—OK, I can keep rocking!’ you know?”

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