The 13th Floor

Horror Short Premiere: Frightening 4 Minute Film I SHOULD HAVE RUN is thrilled to premiere the frightening new horror short I SHOULD HAVE RUN. Directed by talented newcomer Gabriela Staniszewska, I SHOULD HAVE RUN took the festival world by storm last year, winning multiple awards and gaining many accolades. The short looks at a woman who encounters a something strange on her evening walk home, but incorporates larger themes of depression and life’s path. 

Gabriela is currently working on her first horror feature and continuing to look at the way horror can be used to express psychological issues and emotional hardship. She states, “Horror is a very unsubtle way of talking about very subtle things and is an excellent medium through which to discuss mental health issues. It is ethereal, unmanageable, terrifying and difficult to grasp. Horror also allows for a certain poetic license, which is absolutely necessary when trying to shine a light on mental health issues.”

Check out I SHOULD HAVE RUN below!

I Should Have Run from AKA The Prequel on Vimeo.



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