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Robert Morgan’s BOBBY YEAH May Be the Sickest Stop-Motion Film Ever Made

Happy Friday, fellow extremists! How about closing out your hectic work week with an adorable little piece of animation?

Of course, your definitions of “adorable” may differ from mine… but in this case, it means a sticky, blood-smeared, hairy, screeching, slime-spurting epic of apocalyptic proportions. That is, the outrageously twisted (and award-winning) 2011 film BOBBY YEAH — a labor of tough love from artist and experimental animator Robert Morgan.

I know a lot of you may be thinking, “It’s just clay figures and tiny props… how disgusting could it be?” Well, let me tell you — Morgan’s imagination truly has no limits, and the (literal) flexibility of his materials allows him to explore some of the creepiest dream-logic situations ever depicted on film; scenarios which would be nearly impossible to achieve with live-action.

The film’s “plot,” for lack of a better word, involves the surreal misadventures of the mischievous (and possibly malicious) title creature, clad in fuzzy pajamas and sporting a long tail and rabbit-ear-shaped protrusions from his skull. Bobby’s curiosity invariably lands him in increasingly grave trouble, as he can’t seem to resist pushing every button he sees.

His troubles really begin when he abducts a small larval organism which appears to be either the child or pet of a creepy, baby-faced monstrosity… and if you think this scenario is already weird enough (this includes projectile-vomiting mutant babies, phallic monsters with teeth and tongues, and a tank that fires sperm-like projectiles), then you’d better buckle up for what happens when Bobby finds the big red button on the creature’s body.

BOBBY YEAH reportedly took Morgan seven years to complete, but since its 2011 debut it managed to rack up multiple awards and nominations (including a British Academy Award nom for Best Animated Short), and since then has amassed a large cult following.

Though it’s far from Morgan’s first effort (his 2001 animated/live-action short THE CAT WITH HANDS is one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen), BOBBY is arguably his best-known work. His most recent project to hit screens is the segment “D is for Deloused” from THE ABCs OF DEATH 2, and his previous short INVOCATION is also among his scariest efforts.