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New Audio Podcast Brings You INSIDE PSYCHO!

I’m going to get personal for a paragraph or two here, if you guys don’t mind.

Back in 2007, I began work on a extensive documentary about the PSYCHO movies, in particular the sequels which all starred Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates, a role that made him famous. In a time of special edition box sets for the most popular of horror franchises, I was fearful that my favorite of them all was going to slip through the cracks and be forgotten.

That was the primary inspiration for THE PSYCHO LEGACY, which did eventually see a release in 2010 through the fine fiends at Shout! Factory, just a few years shy of them launching their horror brand with Scream Factory. All I wanted was the “legacy” of this amazing character, and his story, to continue in some capacity.

And so, it’s been an absolute thrill for a PSYCHO fanatic such as myself to see the sudden resurgence of this “boy and his Mother” with things like A&E’s super successful TV series, BATES MOTEL. Because of that show, Bates Motel merchandise is back in stock over at the Universal Studios gift shops. There’s even a new upcoming documentary coming out titled 78/52, which focuses solely on the shower scene. (Hence the title, which is for the 78 camera setups, and 52 cuts in that one scene.)

Now, there’s a brand new 6-part audio podcast series from Mark Ramsey and Wondery titled INSIDE PSYCHO, which has already made its grand debut!

“It’s all here, from the real-world serial murders that inspired the film, to the movie star crank calls that gave us the voice of ‘Mother,’ to Hitchcock’s relentless efforts to terrify Janet Leigh, to the way the movie re-made Hollywood forever,” said host and creator Mark Ramsey. “We have created a biopic without pictures, a swashbuckling story of fear and loathing, risk and reward, great joy and paralyzing fear – all in a rich, immersive, ground-breaking sound design.”

INSIDE PSYCHO tells not just the incredible story behind PSYCHO, but also the story of the extraordinary struggles of making a movie that, against all odds, became one of the most iconic films of all time.

“Wondery is excited to premiere the audio adventure INSIDE PSYCHO,” said Hernan Lopez, founder of Wondery. “The series is not just for movie-buffs, it’s for all artists and entrepreneurs who have chased a dream and experienced the thrilling highs and crushing lows of the creative journey.”

The first two episodes are now available wherever you listen to podcasts. Six episodes will air in total, on a weekly basis every Thursday following. INSIDE PSYCHO joins Wondery as the newest original, alongside the critically acclaimed series Hollywood & Crime, FOUND, Terms, and Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape.

Check out the first episode embedded below, The Butcher of Plainfield

And here’s episode 2: Bloch and Hitchcock

Episode 3 just went live this morning!

Don’t miss out on the remaining 3 episodes! You can subscribe to INSIDE PSYCHO over on iTunes right here. And keep tabs via their official Twitter page right here.