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Transform Your Phone Into An UNDEAD ZED With This Brand New “CREEP CASE!”

I love the designs from Creep! I have the “stitches” design on my iPhone, and every time I pull it out, without fail, someone asks about it. It’s got to be the killer eye right smack in the middle!

Had I to do it over again, I might’ve gone for the “rib case” version. Hell, even the “bad mojo” is pretty darned cool! Well, now I may have to trade ’em all in for their brand new design, the “Undead Zed.”

Creep is the brainchild of artist Jon Fields, who for the last 20 years has been a freelance artist and sculptor. We first reported on his D.I.Y. style, horror-themed phone cases last summer, and we’re thrilled that Creep Case is continuing to grow, starting with this brand new “Undead Zed” line.

Jon tells us this particular design was inspired by his love of zombies and the post-apocalyptic world. These suckers are extremely limited to only 100 cases per model for the iphone 6/6s and 7, and available in the brown/purple paint scheme shown in these pics.

The attention to detail on these suckers when you’re holding one in your hand is absolutely spectacular.

Head over and pick up yours at Creep Also, you can catch up with Jon and Creep Case via the social media pages below!