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New Book Chronicles The Long Road To FREDDY VS JASON!

If there’s one thing I love more than anything, it’s the stories behind “unmade horror” projects.

We’re run several articles about this in the past, such as the one about THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT 2, or the lost version of HELLRAISER: BLOODLINE intended to be an anthology, or the third feature in THE FLY series titled FLIES, or even a very different version of John Carpenter’s THE THING that we almost got. There’s even a new site/series over at Untold which is cataloging multiple examples.

From the mid-to-late 80’s and forward, there was one debate that raged on. Who would win in a fight? Freddy? Or Jason? It took a decade, but on August 15th, 2003, FREDDY VS JASON was unleashed in theaters! I remember it well because it fell on my birthday, and all I wanted to do was see this showdown with all my friends in a packed theater! So, we bought up two rows at the theater on opening night. Unbeknownst to us, it was also the week of the huge East Coast black-out! But after all this anticipation, nothing could stop this epic cinematic clash, and thankfully, all power was restored the morning of.

Over the years, I’d be fascinated by the little tid-bits I’d read about in Fangoria’s The Terror Teletype, such as FX legend Rob Bottin being the first director attached. Then there were rumors of radical plotlines like Freddy Krueger molesting a young Jason Voorhees (!), and even a version that took place in a court at the trial of Jason Voorhees! There were 10 completely different versions of FREDDY VS JASON penned before the script by Damian Shannon and Mark Shift finally brought it before cameras. I had always hoped that one day, some poor soul would sift through all the material out there, and present it in chronological order. That poor soul turned out to be author Dustin McNeill and he’s done so with his new book SLASH OF THE TITANS: THE ROAD TO FREDDY VS JASON.

This book features a comprehensive look at ten different versions of the screenplay, info on early crossover attempts by FRIDAY THE 13TH filmmakers, exclusive details on the never made FREDDY VS JASON: HELL UNBOUND video game, insights from producers, executives and developers including Sean Cunningham, an examination of why the Shannon/Swift script was finally greenlit, summaries of the four endings considered for the 2003 film, coverage of the never made FFREDDY VS JASON VS ASH sequel, new comments from the titans themselves Robert Englund and Ken Kirzinger, and appendices full of story details including the outcomes of all ten versions.

I literally just got the book so I haven’t fully dived in yet, but this is exactly what I was looking for.

It’s available now through publisher Harker Press, and you can buy your copy on Amazon right here.



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