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FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S Creator Teases Movie Version… With Blumhouse Productions?

Sometimes, even we here on the website side of things are caught off guard by what’s going on with the Blumhouse Productions side. But this was too good a tease not to share with all of you.

Have you heard of FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S? We featured it among the 10 scariest video games ever article right here, and it a game that has continued to amass a huge cult following.

According to our description from back then, you play the game “as the overnight security guard at a kids’ pizzeria. You are continually terrorized by the animatronic creations who would like nothing more than to stuff your corpse into a plushy bear suit.”

Is a movie version of this sick and twisted idea on the horizon? Could be! Creator Scott Cawthon just tweeted the following:

Again, this was a tease directly from the creator, but we’ll file this as a “cool rumor if true” until we get official confirmation.




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