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This Police File Recounts a Cop’s Horrifying Encounter with a Mutilated Murder Victim

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You might not think a routine police report could potentially harbor one of the creepiest unsolved mysteries in the history of viral lore… but if creepypastas have taught us anything, it’s never to underestimate the power of the written word.

Even a generic title like “report.doc” could potentially hide details of an encounter so horrifying that it was deliberately buried… but, just like the report’s subject, some things refuse to stay dead.

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The file was allegedly uncovered in December of 2013 by a recently-hired clerk at a small town’s police department, whose first assignment involved the tedious task of backing up many years’ worth of case files stored on the department’s antiquated computer system, for migration to a new web-based archive.

As a periodic distraction from hours of boredom, the clerk (whose name is not given) would choose reports at random, poring over the details of various crimes, large and small. He had nearly completed his task when he found a dust-covered terminal in a back corner… which slowly, erratically whirred to a start when he powered it up. The machine’s storage contained just one small document — entitled report.doc.

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The clerk posted the entire document to the Creepypasta Wiki — and presents it as the official case log of one Detective Dave Actosh, detailing a series of increasingly nightmarish events which transpired on the night of December 7, 2007. The document is described by the clerk as “the strangest thing I have ever read.”

Here are some particularly unsettling excerpts from the full transcript:

End of Case Report Logs, Detective Dave Actosh


December 7th, 2007 — 7:45 PM


The team have been talking to each other about a new case, a murder… face smashed in with a sledgehammer seven times… Funny, I don’t remember anyone bringing a body in today. I felt the urge to take a look, so I walked down to Autopsy. I’m sure my wife Carrie could wait an hour or two. I remembered that I needed to tell her, though. I rummaged through my pockets until I found my phone…

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December 7th, 2007 — 7:51 PM


The time it took for the call to go through was about three minutes… very odd. But when it did finally go through, I was greeted by the voice of someone who just saw a ghost. “Who is this, how did you get Dave’s phone!?” The reception made her voice almost inaudible.


I replied, “Carrie, what are you talking about, this is Dave. Are you all right?”


“I… I can’t hear you… I don’t know how you got Dave’s phone. The police told me.”


“Told you? told you what?”


The call dropped.

While Actosh makes multiple futile attempts to re-contact his wife, he suddenly becomes aware of a slight motion out of the corner of his perception… and nothing in his years of police work could have prepared him for what he saw next.

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The body of the John Doe, still on the metal table beneath a sheet, was beginning to move.

As he stared, dumbfounded, the corpse started jerking spasmodically… as if trembling from extreme cold.

Working up the courage — and drawing his firearm just to be safe — the detective finally reached for the sheet, pulling it down just enough to reveal the victim’s shattered, unrecognizable face.

December 7th, 2007 – 8:13 PM


The face of the corpse was revolting. There seemed to be no more facial features… I think I’ll just let Forensics handle this one tomorrow. I need to go home and try to see why Carrie was so scared. I looked at my watch. The time must have been wrong. I was looking at this guy for over three hours.

The next entry is marked 11:56 pm on the same night, at which point Actosh reports hearing noises from the Forensic Chemistry lab — including the sound of breaking glass.

Gun still at the ready, the detective edged toward the source of the sound, opening the door to the lab… and confronted a man in a lab coat, standing still, facing away from him.

When Actosh commanded the stranger to put his hands on his head where he could see them, he realized the man’s arms were unnaturally long… and bent the wrong way.

Then the stranger turned around… and the detective was nearly overcome with shock.

December 7th, 2007 – 11:57 PM


It was the guy from the slab… how did he get here? How was he even alive? I panicked, pulled the trigger… He was still standing. He put his hands down and slowly began to walk towards me. The blood from his face dripped to the ground. As he got closer, the sound from the dripping blood felt more and more like a sledgehammer to my head. I lost balance and leaned my back against the nearest stable thing.


The beast with my body drew closer, the drips became more frequent. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. Just as he got to me, he stopped. The back of the hole where his face should have been was throbbing like a heartbeat. The blood stopped dripping from him.


But that’s not the creepiest part of this entry… that would be the detective’s realization that the faceless, bloody “corpse” standing before him had a police badge clipped to his lab coat.


December 7th, 2007 — 11:59 PM


I felt like this long stare would never end when he evaporated… I felt relieved until I realized I wasn’t leaning on a wall. I was in front of the doorway. I got tense again. I felt what I was putting my body weight on — cloth, dusty cloth. Like old clothing? But there wasn’t flesh under it. No, it felt hard and rough. Like bone.

Then the clock struck midnight…

December 8th, 2007 — 12:00 am


I didn’t want to look up. I refused to look up and see who might be there. I guess I didn’t have to.


Creaking started to fill my ears as a bony hand moved to me. It was holding a mirror. The mirror was held to my face. I couldn’t believe what I saw.


My head. My head had a big gaping hole where the face was.


I felt sick. But I couldn’t vomit. I didn’t want to look anymore. I looked up and away from the mirror.


“It is time,” the thing said in a loud, booming voice.




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The report ends after this seemingly random explosion of keystrokes.

But that’s apparently not the end of the mystery… the clerk who posted this report claims that the document was last edited on 12/08/2014. He found this particularly strange, since the computers in this room had not been touched since 2009.