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Disturb All Your Friends With These Creepy Cups Made Of Teeth!

What is it about “teeth” that’s just so darned unsettling?

Don’t agree? Come on! The most disturbing thing to come out of any horror related project last year has to be the “tooth child” from CANDLE COVE: CHANNEL ZERO.

And so I was equally as mortified when a friend texted me this link to this etsy account with is selling… custom made “teeth cups.”

Weird, right? Well, they’re obviously not made of actual teeth. That’d be a little too Ed Gein. According to the listing, “These bizarre cups are made by sculpting fake teeth into clay. Then a silicone mold is taken to reproduce the form. The unique texture is made by squishing tiny balls of clay onto the original. The Teeth Cups are made out of cast hydrostone plaster. Hydrostone plaster is 10x stronger than your average plaster paris. They are offered in White.”

The etsy account says these are “perfect for storing pencils or tooth brushes!” I guess you could try to drink coffee out of one of these things, if you’d like to give your spouse day-time nightmares. They go for $30 a piece and can be found right here.