The 13th Floor

After This Chilling Short Film, You Will Never Get AWAY FROM IT ALL

Some of the best horror shorts are terrifying cautionary tales, often employing an extra macabre twist, in the mode of old-school horror comics.

That’s the creepy vibe we’re feeling in AWAY FROM IT ALL, a moody short film that also happens to be the creation of frequent contributor and “Journalist of the Bizarre,” Stephen Johnson.

The instant connectivity of the modern world is not all it’s cracked up to be in this slow-burn nightmare — in which a solo backpacker (Amanda Berning) decides that “getting away from it all” means nothing less than disconnecting from her very active social media circle (including her boyfriend), and while on her trek, she uses her phone only to snap a few nature selfies… or so she thinks.

We’re proud to host the world premiere of Steve’s latest cinematic offering… and I’m also happy to report he’s already developing the next one!