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This Uncomfortably Friendly Animated Character is Seriously Creeping Out the Internet

Since we first launched this site, we’ve been proud to raise awareness for spooky, shocking and suspenseful shorts by talented filmmakers around the world — but the film HI STRANGER, created by artist-director Kirsten Lepore, may be the first short we’ve shared that doesn’t seem overtly scary. At first, anyway.

Clocking in at less than three minutes, HI STRANGER uses simple stop-motion techniques and a soothing, meditative musical score to introduce you to a nameless clay character (voiced by Garrett Davis) who is naked, hairless, and sporting oddly prominent buttocks.

Apparently, this unsettling creature just wants you to be happy… but since Lepore uploaded the film yesterday, many viewers have claimed to feel less than positive vibes.

In fact, user comments suggest a large number of folks are very uncomfortable with the character’s increasingly intimate monologue. In contrast, just as many commenters claim to feel peaceful, and semi-hypnotized by the character’s sleepy eyes and mellow, positive affirmations. Me, I’m feeling a little bit of both — which may be the weirdest sensation of all.

What vibes are you getting from this friendly naked “Stranger?” We’re curious…