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You And Your Friends Can Enjoy A Fire With These Fireproof Skulls!

What’s better on a cool night than gathering around with your friends around an open fire, drinking some beers, telling stories, and watching the skulls of your enemies burn?!

OK, well, you might not be able to literally roast the skulls of your enemies, but now you can pretend to!

Myard DELUXE Logs is offering up an “Imitated Human Skull Fire Gas Log” for a natural gas / liquid propane fireplace fire-pit. These suckers are fireproof and come in three variations: White, Black, and Brown. And they’ll run you about $65 bucks a piece, which is pricey, but really… can you imagine roasting marshmallows over this fire-pit? Pretty bitchin’, no?

You can find these on Amazon right here! And by the way, speaking of the skulls of your enemies, ever play the game Kubb? Read about that old Viking game in our previous news post here! It’s loads of fun!



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