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This Footage of a Morgue Door Slamming by Itself is the Creepiest Thing You’ll See Today

It’s always been a little unnerving to me how rapidly a short and simple video clip can freak out hundreds of thousands of people overnight via social media — most likely it’s the unexplained element, that lack of verifiable backstory, combined with a suggestion of the macabre, that can turn a minute or two of blurry footage into the latest nightmare fodder.

It’s also odd that two of the latest creepy viral videos to make the rounds are apparently both from Brazilian medical facilities: earlier we uncovered horrific footage of an ER patient’s bizarre behavior at Miguel Couto Municipal Hospital in Rio de Janeiro; and although the facility depicted in the following clip is claimed to have been shot in Cuiabá (the capital of Mato Grosso), it’s still an eerie coincidence.

Image Credit: Alcmidia Curiosities via YouTube

The video below was reportedly shot by one of two security guards investigating loud noises from the morgue one night. As the men approach, a corridor light flickers, and a small door is identified as the source of the noise. The red-painted metal hatch slams rhythmically, over and over, as the man with the camera comes nearer… then it abruptly stops.

While it’s easy to dismiss the entire thing as a hoax — a thin thread on the door and a hand on the light switch is all you’d need to pull a similar stunt — it demonstrates how chilling a very simple setup can be, just by planting a tiny seed of uncertainty; after all, that’s how urban legends and creepypastas work their dark magic on your mind.