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Did You Catch This Great PSYCHO Homage On The Latest Episode Of BATES MOTEL?

One of the fun things about A&E’s BATES MOTEL is that although it has a great source to draw from, it hasn’t always adhered completely to the plot and structure of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 masterpiece PSYCHO. Yes, the 5 seasons of the show are intended to function as a prequel story of sorts, but not link directly back to the original PSYCHO since this is modern day, and the original was of a different era.

Regardless, there are always plenty of nods to the original PSYCHO. Last season, there was one so covert, I myself, a well-known PSYCHO expert didn’t catch it on initial viewing until savvy PSYCHO fans pointed it out to me. Emma’s mother makes a brief appearance and brings her a cute bunny doll as a gift. She never gets the chance to give it to Emma. Instead, she encounters Norman, or more accurately Norman when he’s in his Mother persona, and things don’t exactly turn out so well for her. Sitting in Norman Bates bedroom in the original PSYCHO? That cute bunny doll!

I’m sure once the series wraps on its 5th and final season, we’ll have to comb through the entire thing as a whole and see what other fun Easter Eggs pop up, but here’s one from last week’s episode titled “Hidden” that was pretty obvious. Directed by Norman’s brother Dylan himself, Max Thieriot, he emulated one of Hitchcock’s most famous and mastery crafted shots from the original PSYCHO. See below for the side by side comparison!

Pretty darned cool, right?

Now, how the remainder of the season will play out, and exactly what other elements of PSYCHO we’ll see have yet to be revealed. BUT, next week’s episode, number 6, is titled “Marion,” which means Rihanna’s version of Marion Crane will finally make her full-on debut. She’s already appeared in the background of the first episode this season, but she has yet to encounter any of the other main characters as of yet. Judging from the promotional photos below, her meeting with Norman will most likely be similar to the movie version. And she mysteriously does have a suitcase full of money. How that will play into this version of BATES MOTEL is curious. But we can’t wait to find out!

Bates Motel — “Marion” — Cate Cameron/A&E Networks LLC — © 2016 A&E Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved
Bates Motel — “Marion” — Cate Cameron/A&E Networks LLC — © 2016 A&E Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved