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That Time J.J. Abrams Took Stephen King To See THE DESCENT…

This is just a fun video clip we had to share to kick off the weekend right!

J.J. Abrams was just on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and the topic turned to horror, in particular Stephen King! Fallon asked about the recently announced and highly anticipated upcoming Hulu series CASTLE ROCK. (Check out the teaser here.) It prompted J.J. to bring up a story of his original meeting with King a decade back. Turns out after their meeting, they went to go see a movie together. The movie in question? Neil Marshall’s THE DESCENT. Check it out!

There’s just something about knowing that these guys went to see THE DESCENT together that makes me so giddy. I saw an advance screening in New York City of Ridley Scott’s HANNIBAL a few weeks before that came out, and Stephen King was a few seats over from my friend and I. I recall the theater going absolutely nuts when Hannibal started feeding Ray Liotta pieces of his brain to him. While everyone else audibly gasped, 3 people had huge grins on their faces. Me, my friend, and Stephen King.

Here’s to you, sir!