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The Strange Worlds Of David Lynch & Stanley Kubrick Collide In BLUE SHINING!

When it comes to the films of both David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick, cinephiles will always have plenty to examine, discuss and debate. And in both cases, sometimes people like to lovingly pay tribute to these respective auteurs in unusual ways.

For example, a few weeks back, we posted a video clip of David Lynch’s LA LA LAND, which hypothetically gave us a trailer for what the movie would’ve looked like had Lynch been at the helm.

Here’s one in that vein. What would happen if you spliced Stanley Kubrick’s version of THE SHINING with David Lynch’s masterpiece BLUE VELVET? Well, you’d get BLUE SHINING from Vimeo user Richard Vezina.

The editor writes: “What would The Shining look like had it been directed by David Lynch? Would it be a dream or a nightmare? Blue Shining combines both worlds in a playful manner by integrating elements from Lynch’s films into Kubrick’s movie to give the Stephen King classic a Lynchian atmosphere. Can you find all the hidden items, including the blue key from Mulholland Dr.?… Enjoy!”



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