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This Literal EXPLOSION of Huntsman Spiders Shocked an Experienced Pest-Controller

Seriously, Australia? Is this really how you wanted the rest of the world to start their week? Once again your venomous arachnids are swarming all over our news feeds. Of course, I kid you fine folks Down Under; this site is, after all, devoted to all things scary, creepy, gross and bizarre… and this story certainly qualifies for all of the above, so we really should be thanking you. But… damn.

Even the freakiest spider stories coming from Australia tend to be brushed off (no pun intended) as trivial non-events by residents of that country… so the fact that an experienced exterminator like Noel Parminter was actually shocked by what he discovered tucked under a roof in Kholo, Brisbane should be enough to send up a red flag, even for non-arachnophobes.

Parminter was investigating a possible termite infestation in a family’s house when he encountered what he considers to be the largest specimen of huntsman spider he’s ever seen throughout his sixteen years in the business — estimated to be roughly 20 centimeters (about 7.5 inches) long.

But that’s not the creepiest part: you see, this particular huntsman was a female, and she was guarding a large egg case… which had already burst open as Parminter was recording the specimen with his phone.

“I was able to get in close and blew them a kiss,” Parminter quipped.

The resulting avalanche of baby huntsmen will undoubtedly be spilling over into many people’s nightmares this evening, because Parminter was nice enough to post the footage to Auswise Pest Control’s Facebook page.

“If spiders make you squeamish, don’t press play,” he commented. “You have been warned!” Thanks, mate.


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