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Have You Tried “The GET OUT Challenge” Yet? Maybe These Clips Will Inspire You

Few memes explode quite like “challenge” videos — and social media is always on the lookout for the latest bizarre stunt, not to mention participants willing to rise to the occasion. For example, remember when Blumhouse went all-in on the “Mannequin Challenge,” but with our own bloody twist?

Well, this time it seems we can take at least a little bit of credit for the latest challenge, and we’re especially proud to do so, because it’s inspired by a Blumhouse project — namely Jordan Peele’s phenomenal thriller GET OUT, a box-office powerhouse that continues to rack up rave reviews.

To be more precise, the “GET OUT Challenge” is focused on a single, unsettling scene from the film in which protagonist Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) has a frightening night-time encounter with Walter the handyman (Marcus Henderson), who bursts from the shadows to run straight at him at incredible speed, seemingly to attack him, before sharply veering off at the last second.

It’s a surreal moment that teases a significant plot point (I won’t spoil it for you, but you really should go see this movie ASAP), and makes for a pretty exciting re-enactment opportunity, as these examples demonstrate… or maybe a cringe-worthy one, if you include epic fails like this:

Do we even need to advise caution before trying this at home? Yeah, we probably should, unless you’ve got the athletic prowess of Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry, who posted one of the smoothest challenge clips to date on Instagram:

Trying to escape the sunken place #getout

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If you’ve tackled the GET OUT CHALLENGE yourself (or plan to in the near future), why not share your results with us? Just remember, these challenges don’t always end well for everyone involved, so be careful…