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Waxwork Records Preps Vinyl Soundtrack For KONG: SKULL ISLAND

Here’s a fun surprise from our friends over at Waxwork Records. The label has a lot of cool stuff in store for 2017. Everything from their Subscriber Club titles, to their Deluxe Edition of THE THING (see that right here), to their upcoming EXORCIST release, and their comic book line!

Occasionally, they release a modern soundtrack title, such as Danny Elfman’s GOOSEBUMPS score. This week, they’ve announced they’ll be releasing Henry Jackman’s score for KONG: SKULL ISLAND, which is due in theaters this Friday, March 10th.

For those unfamiliar, Henry Jackman did my favorite X-Men score for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. I mean, his Magneto theme? (Which you can hear right here.) Stellar!

No word yet on when exactly the KONG: SKULL ISLAND will be available for pre-order or sale, but keep tabs on Waxwork Records Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and official website for the details. In the meantime, the label has teased one of the cues titled “The Island” embedded below!