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The BATES MOTEL Soundtrack Vinyl Release Is To Die For!

BATES MOTEL is currently airing it’s fifth and final season. And just in time for the grand finale of this modern take on PSYCHO, we’re finally getting proper releases of composer Chris Bacon’s terrific score! Now available on both digital and CD, you can find BATES MOTEL: Original Television Soundtrack, a collection of 26 tracks spanning the first 4 seasons of A&E’s hit series.

Even cooler? Well, if you’re a vinyl collector, iam8bit pulled out all the stops with their 2 LP set, which is… (excuse the pun) to die for!

I had pre-ordered the collector’s edition vinyl late last year, which features album art designed by the fine fiends at Phantom City Creative. And let me tell you, pictures don’t do this thing justice. But what the hell? I’ll try to show off how cool this package looks via some pics I took when this sucker finally arrived at my doorstep.

What you’ll notice is that the sleeve for each LP features portraits of Norman Bates on one, and Norma on the other. While, the centerfold is a 3D pop-up design of the ol’ PSYCHO house!

The liner notes by composer Chris Bacon are included on “Bates Motel” letterhead. A nice touch!

And let’s not forget this awesome poster!

Then there are the records themselves, which are white with blood red swirl, meant to simulate PSYCHO’s infamous shower scene!

That looks cool as is, but you really need to see this sucker in motion to fully appreciate it.

Packaging aside, the music itself is beautiful. The entire PSYCHO franchise has a history for completely unique, and iconic themes. Bernard Herrmann, of course, composed the original for Alfred Hitchcock. Jerry Goldsmith, Carter Burwell, Graeme Revell respectively for the sequels, and now Chris Bacon for the TV show.

Tony Giles, of my favorite soundtrack podcast The Damn Fine Cast (and my co-host for Two Dudes Talking) recently got the chance to interview Bacon about his work on the show. For those of you that love this sort of stuff, it’s a great listen, and we’ll present to you the Lakeshore Records podcast episode with Chris Bacon below for your convenience!

For those of you that want to get your hands on that collector’s edition vinyl of BATES MOTEL, fret not! Although this initial pressing sold out rather quickly, pre-orders are currently up directly from the iam8bit website for a re-press which should be arriving later this Spring. Go get yours here!