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The “Digital Drug” SATAN’S SONG Allegedly Opens a Gateway to Hell [VIDEO]

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Today’s story will likely send chills through anyone who might have explored the new, uncharted territory known as “Binaural Beats,” “Digital Drugs” or “I-Dosing.” These terms refer to an auditory phenomenon that, when properly synchronized and sometimes combined with specific visuals, triggers a hallucinatory reaction in some listeners.

Here’s some backstory if you’re new to the concept: a “binaural beat” is an audio signal comprised of two different sine waves with frequencies lower than 1500 Hz — one is transmitted on the left stereo channel, the other on the right. The tones are slightly out of phase with each other; that is, the left signal is around 40 Hz different from the right.

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When listening through headphones at medium to low volume, most listeners will hear a third tone — a sound that does not actually exist, but is an illusion perceived by the brain’s auditory center.

This isn’t a new discovery at all — the concept was first theorized in the late 1700s, but the lack of available technology prevented it from being proven until more than a half-century later, using mechanical instruments and a stethoscope-like device to fully isolate the right and left signals.

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But only in recent years have binaural beats been explored as a potential “digital drug” (or “I-Dose”) with mind-expanding properties, and many independent experiments have been conducted in an attempt to maximize the eerie effect — including combining it with certain forms of music, images and animations — in order to conjure altered states of consciousness.

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So, now that you’re caught up, let me tell you about one “I-Doser” who stumbled upon the ultimate digital trip — which, according to their recollection, took them to the brink of Hell itself.

It began, according to this unnamed user’s recount, with a search through a popular I-Dosing site, which offered the usual dubious claims about each product’s mind-altering abilities. This user had previously enjoyed some interesting sensations via binaural beats, so he began browsing for something new.

He came across an unusual search result that flickered in and out of view for a split-second… and in that brief flash, he was certain he saw the word “Satan.” Curious, he shot a video while executing the search again, and indeed one single frame (shown above) revealed the words satans_song.exe.

He was chilled by this discovery, but his curiosity propelled him to search for the title online, wondering if anyone else had stumbled across that elusive file.

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What he found was the stuff of urban legend: several message board users claimed to have heard about the I-Dose — which was accompanied by a video and lasted for only a few minutes — and alleged that anyone who listened to it via headphones would be shown visions so horrifying that the listener would succumb to a mental breakdown, seizures, or even heart failure from extreme fear.

As you can probably imagine, those stories only fueled this user’s obsession with finding SATAN’S SONG… and eventually, he did. Or more accurately, it found him.

Image Credit: iStock/luckat

The clip below is believed by many to be an excerpt from that file… but before you listen, you should know the rest of the user’s story, including the harrowing account of what he witnessed while playing it.

At first it was just a quiet humming noise. Then, the volume exploded with shrieks and screams of what sounded like people dying… When I opened my eyes, it looked like I had taken a train to hell; corpses laid everywhere, blood leaking to my feet… It was warm, a sickening crimson. I bent forward and vomited. My bile mixed with the blood, turning it a greenish red… I felt pain explode along my body. Blood dripped down from my genitals, stomach, chest, arms and legs. I looked at my body to find massive spikes skewering each of those spots.

He goes on to describe a narrow path that lie before him, weaving through the nightmare landscape of the dead and dying. Something instinctual told him the path might offer an escape route from this domain, and he fearfully walked that road, terror stabbing at him with each step. He arrived at a massive, fiery gate, which swung open…

Image Credit: iStock/Igor Zhuravlov

…and he instantly found himself back at his desk, facing his computer screen, the file no longer playing.

Here is the alleged excerpt… note that it may contain potential seizure triggers, regardless of the aforementioned effects:

The user reports that the site no longer offers SATAN’S SONG, but still sells a variant on the file entitled “Gates of Hades.” Reportedly this I-Dose has been known to trigger terrifying hallucinations as well, and new threads have emerged discussing its various surreal effects.

In the meantime, the user is apparently no longer I-Dosing, having been thoroughly scared away from further experimentation.

Image Credit: iStock/woottigon

Nevertheless, he continues to see and hear things on the very edge of his perception… images of blood, and the echoing sound of tortured screams…



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