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Viral Photo Shows a Slenderman-Like Figure Emerging From the Clouds

It’s being described as “a Dementor from the HARRY POTTER movies” or even a god-like being, and of course the resemblance to the infamous Slenderman is unmistakable… but no matter what you want to call it, this image of a horrific airborne shape hovering in the clouds above the Mukuba Mall in Kitwe, Zambia certainly grabbed people’s attention.

Image Credit: Zambian Watch via Facebook

Multiple sources, including Nigeria Today and the UK’s Metro, have shared the photo and reported sightings of the object — which was reportedly first posted on March 1 to the Facebook page Zambian Watch — appears to be several hundred feet in length, with a human-like head and thin, trailing appendages.

But while it’s definitely freaky-looking, the common consensus is that the image is the work of an inventive digital artist. Considering the original Facebook post mentioned multiple onlookers running in terror from the floating apparition, it’s a bit odd that only one person bothered to take out their phone and snap a picture. Regardless, it’s a very creepy image, and will no doubt inspire an apocalyptic creepypasta in the near future…