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10 Ridiculously Spooky Unexplained Things Caught On Video!

You know, these kind of videos are always making the rounds. And in fact, this particular one has been up online since October of 2016, Halloween season!

But it popped up in my Facebook feed this morning, I watched it, and it creeped me out enough to share. I figure what better way to kick off your work week then with unexplained phenomenon?!

It comes courtesy of the fine fiends at JunkinVideo, who specialize in curating all the wackiest, viral content on the web. You can find more on their You Tube page here.

Naturally, on the Facebook video post for this, one of the first comments I noticed was someone rationally trying to discredit each of these 10 clips, but look – I don’t care if the final one is staged or not. A guy in a clown costume running towards you at full speed is scary! Enjoy!