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Another “Itchy” Clip Arrives From The Controversial Movie RAW!

RAW is one of those new films we’ve been showcasing here on the site that’s been getting a tremendous response. It’s about to open in select theaters on March 10th, so on top of the previously released trailer (which is a must see) and this clip from a few weeks back, we now have a brand new clip from the flick, and brace yourself. It’s cringe inducing.

It’s titled “itchy skin” and proves just how important sound design can be to making a scene fully effective. I could barely watch!

Here’s the clip description: “Justine (Garance Miller) begins to experience the side effects of a hazing ritual in which she was forced to eat raw meat. What started out as harmless fun begins to affect her in ways she couldn’t have possibly imagined, both mentally and… physically. Watch at your own risk!”

Starring newcomers Garance Marillier, Ella Rumpf, and Rabah Nait Oufella, RAW hits select theaters March 10, 2017 and expands worldwide this Spring.

You can find more on RAW at the official website: and at the social media links below:


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