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An Unlikely Superhero Emerges In This Trailer To THEY CALL ME JEEG!

Sometimes, some of the most interesting and unique movies come out of left field at a film festival. So, a few weeks back when we had BEYOND THE GATES director Jackson Stewart on the Shock Waves podcast, we asked him if there were any gems for us to look out from that he caught while touring his film. He mentioned THEY CALL ME JEEG.

It’s an Italian film, in which Enzo, an ex-con from the poor outskirts of Rome, decides to put his newfound superpowers to use to further his career as a delinquent, a fact which makes the local crime bosses far from happy. When he falls in love with Alessia, an unstable girl who brightens her dark world with elements from a Japanese anime, Jeeg, Enzo learns the value of helping others. But what price must he pay to become a hero?

Sound intriguing? Let’s take a look at the trailer!

THEY CALL ME JEEG will first open in Los Angeles theaters on March 17th, courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment, followed by a national roll-out. Keep your eyes peeled for it!