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The Infamous “MAJORA’S MASK Haunting” Claims a New Victim

If you missed our earlier entry about the notorious creepypasta known as “BEN Drowned,” be sure to check that story before reading on… because once you know the context of today’s tale, it will take on a much more disturbing real-life aspect.

Have you read it? Good. Buckle up, kids, because the tale of that allegedly haunted game cartridge doesn’t end there…

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The viral legend of BEN — a mysterious gamer whose malicious spirit reportedly haunts a bootleg cartridge of the classic NES game THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: MAJORA’S MASK — has become so popular in social media circles that it’s inspired numerous offshoots. These include fan fiction, artwork, poems, songs, cosplay, and even game hacks recreating the chilling MAJORA scenario first described by 4chan user Jadusable (a.k.a. Alex Hall).

One of the legions of fans obsessed with the BEN tale is Creepypasta Wiki contributor MJTR, whose love for MAJORA’S MASK was briefly tarnished by his discovery of Alex Hall’s creepypasta… but eventually he overcame his fears and embraced the urban legend as part of the game’s mystique, sharing it with his friends and returning to the horrific details of the story again and again.

But the fear quickly returned one day when MJTR went to his car… and saw, propped against his car, a crude but unsettling recreation of the “Elegy of Emptiness” statue, in the likeness of the game’s elfin hero, Link. As you know by now, the virtual version of this statue features prominently in Hall’s account of the haunted game.

Image Credit: MJTR via Creepypasta Wiki

It was made of flimsy materials and poorly painted, and bore very little resemblance to the Link character… but there was something about its eyes that convinced him this effigy had some connection to the haunted world contained within that illicit cartridge.

MJTR took the statue home and propped it up in his bedroom, after which he tried to seek out whomever might have built and/or delivered it. Eventually he traced it to one of his brother’s friends, who admitted he’d placed the statue there to spook him… but he also claimed that he didn’t build the thing; he’d found it by the side of the road, and impulsively tossed it into his car.

The prank worked at first… but just like before, MJTR’s fear soon gave way to fascination, and he decided to modify the statue to more closely resemble the one in the game.

Consulting online images, he revised the face for a more accurate match, then added a costume to complete the character. The results, to his thinking, were almost too accurate… so much, in fact, that he couldn’t bear to turn out the lights at night unless the statue was facing away from his bed.

Anticipating a visit from his cousin — who was still freaked out from hearing the original BEN story — MJTR prepared the statue for an elaborate prank, designed to scare the hell out of him.

On that fateful night, while his cousin was asleep in the adjacent bed, MJTR called up the Collector’s Edition of ZELDA on his Wii, then configured the settings to roughly match those in the BEN story. He even had a backwards recording of the game’s “Song of Healing” cued up and ready to play in the background.

Image Credit: iStock/ktaylorg

When everything was set, he brought the BEN statue out of the closet, started the music and positioned a camera to record the reaction. As his cousin began to stir, MJTR began secretly tugging at the cables connecting the Wii to the TV, to create a jarring, strobe-like effect. As the camera rolled, he waited.

To his intense horror, the reaction he got went far beyond what he’d expected.

Image Credit: iStock/adamdodd

His cousin did indeed wake up screaming… but just as his younger brother burst into the room to see what the commotion was about, those screams abruptly stopped, choked in a deep, rattling gurgle.

His cousin’s eyes rolled back, exposing the whites, and he began foaming at the mouth as his body convulsed violently, twisted up in the sheets and rocking the small bed.

Then the ultimate horror struck… when he remembered that his cousin suffered from epilepsy.

Image Credit: iStock/Willowpix

The family tried desperately to save the boy, but their efforts came too late. By the time the paramedics arrived, his cousin was dead.

Reflecting back on this horrible, fatal prank, MJTR understands why most of his immediate family still won’t speak to him… and why none of them questioned his choice to move in with distant relatives in another state.

“It’s not so funny when it happens,” he reflects in his final entry, “but now, maybe it kind of is… how one little move, be it opening a file on a sketchy cartridge or just putting together a prank, how much despair you can really bring about…”