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The 10 Most Frightening Living Dead Dolls

Since 1998 doll-makers Ed Long and Damien Glonek have been manufacturing some of the most frightening dolls in existence. Distributed by Mezco Toyz since 2001, their lineup of horror-inspired dolls have been terrifying as well as enhancing the décor of many macabre homes. Here are the 10 most terrifying dolls from the amazing Living Dead Dolls lineup. And for more info on Living Dead Dolls and to check out all 33 frightening series, click here.

Schitzo- Series 3

It is a clown doll. Seriously, what more horror do you need? This beady-eyed little tike comes complete with balloons and a piercing glare that will burrow into your soul.


Wrath- Series 7

She is a cutie with pig tails and desire for vengeance. Part of a 7 deadly sins lineup, this is one kid I would rather not have to deal with.



Patience Xero- Series 22

All plagues start here with this Japanese horror inspired zombie nightmare. There’s something about its simplicity that makes it all the more frightening.


Goria- Series 22

Decked out in proper ladylike attire, this Southern Bell has a wide-eyed stare that will keep you up at night. She’s like a cotillion gone hellishly wrong.


Purdy- Series 9

As you can plainly see, this doll is missing the top part of her skull and seems perfectly fine with that. She looks like something you would encounter at a slumber party if you say her name in the mirror three times.


Evangeline- Series 13

When my grandmother died, I inherited a collection of old dolls. Each one had a cracked face and big round, dreadful eyes. Evangeline looks like one of those dolls whose escaped from the storage shed that I thought I had safely locked those dolls away in. Fairly sure she hides in the shadows and watches me sleep.


Demonique- Series 10

I imagine this to be the evil specter that lurks deep within every high school bully. I almost expect to see her walking the mall and judging what everyone else is wearing and planning their ironic deaths.


Cuddles- Series 12

There’s something about that facial expression that almost evokes pity. That is until you look into those eyes and realize you’re about to become her next victim.


Pumpkin Series 16

What looks like it could be a cute costume may just be an S&M mask for a deranged pumpkin. Judging by all the blood,  I don’t think this guy is going door-to-door collecting candy. It feels like a demented cross between Samhain an Michael Myers.


The After- Series 29

The most frightening thing about this “glow in the dark” series is the fact that turning out the light won’t make them go away. Good luck sleeping with this guy in your room.