The 13th Floor

Trailer Alert! What The Hell Is Going On At THE HOUSE ON WILLOW STREET?!

As a seasoned horror movie watcher, I usually can watch a trailer to an upcoming genre piece and get a pretty good idea of which sub-genre that particular feature will fall in. But here comes the trailer to IFC Midnight’s latest movie THE HOUSE ON WILLOW STREET, and I’m in WTF mode when I watch the below trailer. Let’s take a look and resume our discussion after.

Right?! What is that?! First of all, it’s nice to see Sharni Vinson from YOU’RE NEXT and BAIT 3D fame in here, front and center; and also playing a role completely opposite to Erin from YOU’RE NEXT! There are elements of home invasion horror, kidnapping potential torture porn, and then… creature feature?! Or is it something supernatural? I have no idea! But I’m willing to find out!

THE HOUSE ON WILLOW STREET opens in theaters and VOD March 23rd!

Synopsis: The perfect kidnapping goes gruesomely awry in this shock-a-minute, supernatural wild ride. Led by the tough-as-nails Hazel (YOU’RE NEXT’s Sharni Vinson), a band of desperate criminals abduct Katherine (Carlyn Burchell), the daughter of an ultra-wealthy family, for ransom. What the gang doesn’t realize is that although they have Katherine’s body, her soul is already in possession of a demonic force that’s about to turn the tables on them. Cue a cavalcade of carnage, all building up to a totally twisted, off-the-rails finale.