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This Ritual Allegedly Enables You to Converse With the Dead… But Be Careful!

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[NOTE: The images in this article contain nine ghostly human figures. Can you spot them all?]

In the past, we’ve written in detail about creepy occult rituals and other mystical “games,” many of which imply lethal repercussions for those who fail to follow the rules, or refuse to take them seriously.

This is another such arcane ritual, reportedly dating back more than a century… and while it seems to have positive intentions toward the participants, we’ve learned from stories like these that it’s never a good idea to tamper with forces we know little to nothing about. But if you’re not afraid of the potential risks, read on and find out if these instructions actually allow you to conduct a two-way conversation with family or friends who have passed on.

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According to the unnamed source of this information, this ritual must be conducted at precisely 4:00 am in a cemetery, mausoleum or any ground where the deceased has been interred. To work, the ceremony must also be conducted in darkness (do not bring a flashlight, candle or even matches), and complete silence is a must. It’s also important that you turn off your phone, and any other audio or video recording device. What happens here must not be recorded… or terrible repercussions will occur.

Once you have reached the site where the remains are buried or sealed, kneel on the ground, facing the spot where the deceased’s name is marked, close your eyes tightly, and recite the following incantation:

Obsecro autem vos de sepulchro tuo,

Ex aeterna tua somnus,

Aperi oculos tuos et animo!

This roughly translates from the original Latin:

I beg you from your grave,

From your eternal sleep,

Open your eyes and mind!

Keeping your eyes closed, wait patiently and calmly. If the deceased wishes to speak with you, there will be a slight pressure on your arm, as if it is being firmly squeezed by a cold hand. Regardless of what you feel, do not open your eyes until that pressure is released.

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When that touch is no longer felt, you may open your eyes… and allegedly the person you wished to contact will be kneeling before you, mirroring your own posture. They will look very much like you remember them in life, but make no mistake – the being before you is not the person you think they are. This will be immediately apparent, thanks to one significant feature: their eyes will be missing, replaced with dark circles of impenetrable shadow.

Maintaining absolute calm, you must then initiate the conversation by asking them “How have you been?” They will reportedly reply with some variation of “I am fine, how are you?”

To this, you must reply exactly: “I am also doing fine, thank you.”

According to the author who describes this ritual, you must answer in these exact words; to speak anything else could potentially anger the spirit, at which point they may react violently… even lethally.

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The deceased will then seem to make a more overt show of friendliness, during which they will ask you a disturbing question: “May I hug you?”

The author stresses that you must not, under any circumstances, offer a yes or no answer to this question. To do so will (they claim) result in the deceased physically seizing you and dragging you into the underworld with them. Instead, you should ignore the question and respond with a request of your own: “I would like to speak to…” followed by the name of the person you wish to converse with. Ask firmly, but politely.

If the figure nods in affirmative, close your eyes again and wait to feel another touch on your arm. This time, it’s said, the touch will be gentle, warm and kind. When you feel this physical contact, it’s safe to open your eyes… and you will apparently be faced with the loved one whom you wished to see, in the manner you remembered them most fondly in life.

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At this point, you may begin a regular conversation with them, provided you speak kindly and quietly, and wait patiently for their answers. It’s assumed you may ask them anything you like, with one exception: you can’t ask them to leave the cemetery and accompany you.

Ending this conversation is fairly simple: you just have to say goodbye to them, addressing them by name, followed by the phrase “Hope to see you soon.” After this, close your eyes again, leaving them closed for at least 10 seconds.

When you open your eyes, the person will be gone.

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Then comes the final and most critical warning: Once you have confirmed that the deceased is no longer visible to you, do not attempt to speak to them again… and if you feel sadness at their departure, do not show tears or cry out loud. Any attempt to do so will potentially lure the deceased out of their resting place… whereupon and they will pursue you with the intention of bringing you back to the realm of the dead, to join them forever.