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Five Extremely Creepy Things Making the News Right Now

I’m pretty sure you’ll agree 2017 has been off to a very rocky start… but hey, at least most of us aren’t being terrorized on the regular by menacing grass-goblins or disembodied shadow-lurkers (I’m assuming this, of course; I don’t really know your life). Alas, that can’t quite be said for some of the people making the news over the past week or so… at least as far as the following viral topics would suggest.

I’m not even sure if any of the surreal stories I’m about to list will make you feel any better [especially after the heartbreaking loss of yet another beloved genre icon, the great Bill Paxton], but as purveyors of all things strange and creepy, we hope these bizarre headlines — combined, in most cases, with some very chilling video clips — at least offer a bit of surreal distraction from your Monday routine.

Image Credit: YouTube

Chilling Footage of a “Shadow Man” (Maybe) Tormenting a Baby Went Viral… Twice

This nightmarish clip, allegedly taken from someone’s home security-camera footage, was originally posted last year — but for reasons unknown, it’s making the rounds again, and this time it seems to have struck a nerve in viewers.

It’s initially hard to make out the spectral shape as it makes its way through the corridor — but if you see it in motion, you can follow its progress from the left wall (next to the vacuum cleaner), after which it then crosses the hall the right, becoming briefly visible on the right-hand bedroom door… and shortly afterward, a baby can be heard crying, apparently disturbed by something we can’t see.

Whether it’s real or not, the clip is definitely raising more than a few goosebumps, and it’s racked up more than 150,000 views since it was posted to YouTube channel Scary Videos.

Image Credit: BBC2

These Sea Creatures Resemble Monstrous Glow-Worms… But the Truth is Even Weirder

This story is more fascinating than terrifying: this massive, undulating shape, which looks just like a giant, ghostly worm, is weird enough on its own… but as with so many of nature’s oddities, it’s definitely more than meets the eye.

In fact, this “creature,” known as a pyrosome, is not a single organism at all — it’s a colony, comprised of thousands of tiny bio-luminescent invertibrates called tunicates, very common to tropical waters. These creatures often multiply by a process similar to cloning, generating copies of themselves (each organism in the colony is called a zooid) until the tube-shaped colony reaches immense size.

While the majority of pyrosome colonies are smaller than a fingernail, the largest sighted specimens (including the ones shown in the above excerpt from the BBC series NATURE’S WEIRDEST EVENTS) have measured over fifteen feet long.

Image Credit: YouTube

Argentinian Kids Terrorized by an Unidentified “Goblin,” Capture the Attack on Video

Let’s look at another spooky viral clip allegedly revealing a vague but frightening creature — this time a more recent YouTube upload (just a few days ago, to be exact). The video, which appears to be shot from a child’s phone, allegedly depicts a group of his or her friends being menaced by a small, dark, lumbering shape.

The footage reportedly originates from Santiago del Estero, Argentina, where a group of boys can be seen playing, oblivious (at first) to the strange observer which approaches the sandy patch where they’re engaged in a casual game of soccer… but just as the kid with the phone tries to zoom in on the tiny figure, all hell suddenly breaks loose.

So far, no one has been able to identify this strange beast — which the video’s uploader calls a “goblin” — but it’s easy to believe how it could have terrified these witnesses to such an extent. Oddly enough, the small dog visible in the frame for the first 10 seconds or so doesn’t seem to react to the creature’s presence, despite being just a few yards away.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Dead Body Discovered in a Closet at L.A.’s Legendary Magic Castle

Understandably, I didn’t want to lead off this list with a headline that is just as tragic as it is bizarre… I don’t mean to bring you down. But the surreal details of this story make it worth mentioning — particularly given the eccentric history of the Hollywood club famous for offering its members private performances by the world’s best-known magic acts.

One such performer was Daryl Easton, winner of multiple awards and a former headliner at Caesar’s Palace — billed as “Daryl, the Magician’s Magician.” According to the Hollywood Reporter, Easton had recently completed a series of shows at Magic Castle when his body was discovered hanging in a closet on the club premises last Friday.

Police have determined the unfortunate magician’s fatal asphyxiation was self-inflicted — though as of this writing it has not yet been confirmed as a suicide.

What’s the Deal with This Woman’s Feet?

Optical illusion? Photoshop trickery? Or something much creepier?

Social media is currently abuzz with theories about this image of a woman taking a breather from her workout routine… which I’m guessing may have been a bit intense, considering both her feet in this picture are turned completely backwards.

The majority opinion maintains the “optical illusion” argument — claiming the effect is caused by one or more mirrors aligned with the edge of the bench, and what we’re seeing is a reverse image of everything below that edge. More creative theories include the suggestion that she actually has prosthetic legs, and has deliberately reversed them. Regardless, it’s still a tough call.