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The 10 Best Fan-Made Horror Trailers Online

Fans have been cutting their own trailers for films for years now. Unfortunately most of them are uninspired efforts that do little to ignite new interest in the already pre-existing films. Many are also dramatically inferior to the actual trailers released by studios. But every once in a blue moon, a real keeper comes along. Finding those keepers may make for a serious challenge, but we’re horror nuts over here at Blumhouse, and that means we’re more than happy to dig until we unearth the real fan beauties out there, and these 10 trailers most definitely fit the bill!


With Ridley Scott now feeling uber motivated to continue building on his wondrous ALIEN franchise, we may never be fortunate enough to see Neill Blomkamp’s ALIEN 5. That’s a damn shame as Blomkamp is one of today’s true visionaries, and he’s constantly willing to take big risks in the hopes of big rewards. Typically, that approach works, and there’s no doubt Blomkamp had some wicked ideas for ALIEN 5. Although we may not get the chance to see what may have been a sublime film, we do get an amazing fan made trailer courtesy of Youtuber WhiplashDynamo.



Quick cuts and frenetic paranormal disturbances ensure this fan made trailer for THE CONJURING 3 grabs the attention in a death clutch. While we can recognize more than a single other similar-themed film incorporated into this lovely collage, it works very well. If this is what THE CONJURING 3 looks like, I’m all in! Respect goes out to Youtuber ET for giving us a creepy and rather convincing preview of THE CONJURING 3… now we’ll have to wait and see what the third film in the franchise truly looks like!



This is such a slick trailer that I was one of many to believe that it was an official promo for the long anticipated JEEPERS CREEPERS 3. Obviously, it’s not. But the looks at Gina Philips are seamlessly blended with haunting visuals of the Creeper. The lighting is terrific and the overall fluidity of the trailer is impressive, to put it mildly. There’s no doubt JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 will be another aesthetically pleasing affair, and even though this may be a fan made trailer (from Youtuber P. Parker), it’s very successful in bringing franchise fans up to speed on the occurrences of the first two films before sinking the hook and hauling us out of the water to witness what feels like valid footage from the third film.



It’s rare to see a fan-made trailer actually outshine a picture’s official promotional trailer, but Horror Show Host’s fan trailer for John Frankenheimer throwback monster movie is actually noticeably superior to the official trailer. And while many of today’s younger genre followers may not be too familiar with PROPHECY (excluding the franchise that features Christopher Walken, which most are certainly familiar with), a trailer with this kind of build-up and perfectly timed reveal could actually inspire a whole new generation to seek out the flick, which, despite its heaping portion of cheese, makes for a fun, brainless little monster movie.



A mash-up of JASON X and STAR TREK, this trailer actually proves extremely entertaining, and surprisingly, a bit on the basic side. That said, Youtube member Mindd Kidzag did a great job of bringing two franchises together in what actually looks like a film that could be one hell of a good time. You’ll spot a few brief visuals from other films (that certainly looks like EVENT HORIZON to me) in this trailer, but it all comes together in impressive fashion. Now I’m just curious, how would the STAR TREK gang handle an uber-modified Jason Voorhees?



You can count me among the 27 people who absolutely adore the third entry in the HALLOWEEN franchise. It’s an awesome standalone film that captures the essence of the ‘80s and the Halloween season perfectly. Though CactusSmasher keeps the throwback vibe alive, he also injects a little contemporary feel to the trailer which inspires a completely different way to perceive HALLOWEEN III. So, in effect, CactusSmasher has somehow managed to give us a modernized call to yesteryear with this one, and he’s kept those amazing masks and a few brutal images intact for fans.



Having never gotten into the FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S GAMES, I thought this trailer may strike me as underwhelming. Well, I underestimated Youtuber Jayk Pound, because this is a film I’d jump at the chance to see. Creepy animatronic cuddlies all murderous? Hell yes I’m in! Watch the kick ass trailer below, it’s quite a bit more disconcerting than I could have ever predicted!



When you really think about it, TOY STORY had some damn creepy shit in it. But because the film was obviously aimed at younger audiences a lot of chilling nuances went missed. Youtube Bobby Burns decided to wipe away some of that child appeal and illuminate some of the darker aspects of the film, and boy does it work look like a charm. I’d much rather see this rendition of TOY STORY than the one that plays on repeat in my son’s room! Watch it below to see something very… disturbing.



Anytime someone is savvy enough to turn a trailer for an 80-plus year film into something that feels quite contemporary, I’ve got to tip my hat. That’s certainly no easy feat, but Youtube user Domaynia does a fine job of making it happen with this DRACULA fan trailer. It moves quickly, unlike the actual film and Dmaynia utilizes some of the most memorable scenes from the film to give the impression that this is closer to a breakneck flick (the music also lends a major helping hand) than a slow, eerie burn. I love this cut; it is impressive no doubt, and it’s more than worth a look!



The few official trailers for SUSPIRIA are solid, but amazingly, this fan made cut is far superior to the actual promotional cuts released 40 years ago. The trailer looks vibrant, the transitions are excellent and talented Youtuber Oliver Gašpar injects some iconic moments from the film that look stellar, especially when coupled with his remarkably slick transitions. With the SUSPIRIA remake headed our way soon, it might be wise for the production crew to take a peek at this trailer and “borrow” a few ideas; this SUSPIRIA trailer almost looks as though it’s promoting a new film as it is!