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10 Terrific International Horror Films Available on Netflix

Each year, some of’s favorite horror films are made outside of the USA. The horror genre is global, and it is fascinating to not only see another culture’s films, but to also gain insight into how fears and social dynamics change by region. Netflix does a phenomenal job of supporting international films, and currently has a number of great international horror titles available for streaming. Check out 10 of our favorite international pics below, all currently available for streaming on Netflix.


From: Demark
A teenage girl living in a remote fishing village begins to undergo horrific body changes. She realizes that she is slowly becoming a werewolf, a condition from which her mother may also suffer.



From : Norway

This is such a fun lesser-known creature feature! An archeologist and his team are researching ancient lore in an isolated region and stumble upon an actual giant monster.


RIGOR MORTIS (2013)(Cover photo)

From: Hong Kong

Think you know what a vampire is? Well the traits and stylings of vamps differ from culture to culture. RIGOR MORTIS focuses on a Chinese vampire that is plaguing a tenement housing project. This film is a wonderful tribute to the long tradition of Chinese “hopping” vampire movies and is also a fascinating examination of how the undead vary their mythos depending on local customs.



From: South Korea

In 1938, a young girl is sent to a strange school where teachers behave oddly and students go missing. This one is quiet and tense with a lot of social commentary and history woven into the plot.



From: Australia

SNOWTOWN is a bio-pic based on a series of real murders that took place in Australia. The movie is brutal, psychologically intense, and requires quite a strong constitution to make it through to the end.


EXAM (2009)

From: United Kingdom

This British horror film has a great hook/mystery that keeps you pushing forward. A group of job candidates are placed in a room to take a test. But as the exam begins, they realize their papers are blank, and there is something far more sinister going on.



From: Austria

Scientists discover a strange red fluid coming from a melting glacier which causes the local wildlife to mutate into dangerous new species.



From: New Zealand

Going back to the days of Peter Jackson, New Zealand has always had a knack for creating outstanding horror comedies. DEATHGASM is hilarious with just the right amount of splatter. A teenage death metal band accidentally opens the door to hell.



From: Venezuela

In 1981, a woman and her family have a supernatural experience that results in their death and her being convicted of murder. Decades later, she is freed from prison and returns to the house to uncover what happened that night.



From: Qatar, Jordan, United Kingdom

Written and directed by Iranian-born Babat Anvari, UNDER THE SHADOW focuses on a mother and daughter whose apartment is haunted by a frightening Jin. Set in Tehran during the 1980’s, the ongoing war, political regime, and social climate all play incredibly important roles in the film.


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