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Awe. The Top 5 Horror Bromances!

Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, it’s the perfect time to celebrate a special platonic kind of love: the “bromance.” Ladies often come and go, but there is solidarity in the bromance. From a distance, this may appear to be a rather intimate sort of love and in some ways, that would not be incorrect. You may live with your bro, or borrow their clothes, or leap into their arms Scooby-Doo-style while watching a horror movie (this is a thing that happens, right?). It is the emotional intensity of a bromance that resembles a traditional romance. However, the only physical contact that can be observed mostly comes in the form of high fives, fist bumps, and the occasional hug. But no matter what, a bro will keep your darkest secrets and help you bury countless bodies.

Although the term was only recently coined in the 21st century and is a reflection of our increasing open-mindedness toward gender expectations, the concept of a bromance has been present through the “buddy film” for several decades. Buddy films tend to reign in the comedy and action genres with movies that are often specifically targeting a male audience, but there have certainly been some noteworthy bros in horror. While in other genres, these heterosexual male companions are on the hunt for a soulmate or whatever it is dudes in action movies want, bros in horror are off fighting vampires, mummies, and sometimes a stuffy stepfather. Good or evil, for better or worse, these are the top 5 horror bromances…

Charley and Evil Ed (FRIGHT NIGHT, 1985, Directed by Tom Holland)

Columbia Pictures

Charley and Evil Ed are perhaps the most unlikely bros on this list as they appear to be polar opposites. Unlike Evil Ed, Charley has a steady girlfriend, a better fashion sense, and a serious belief in vampires. Despite being a heavy skeptic and poking fun at Charley’s wild theory about his neighbor’s late night bloodlust, Evil Ed deserves the bro medal of honor for loyalty. Risking his life and afterlife for his buddy, Evil Ed goes toe-to-toe with the great vampire slayer Peter Vincent and tooth-to-tooth with Charley’s frightfully friendly neighbor Jerry. When your bro is as cool as Charley Brewster, you would take a stake to the heart for him.

Tucker and Dale (TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL, 2010, Directed by Eli Craig)

Magnet Releasing

These two misunderstood hillbilly bros not only worked together to battle evil, but they also defied the nature of the slasher movie. Assumed to be psycho killers in the woods, Tucker and Dale team up to attempt to prove to a group of privileged teenagers that underneath their raggedy clothes and body odor were big hearts and good will toward hot blondes. Tucker and Dale never got the camping trip that they had so desired, but they sure had a good ol’ time digging crapper holes, running from bees, and pulling bodily remains from a wood chipper. It’s bros like Tucker and Dale that show that it doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing but rather who is by your side.

Billy and Stu (SCREAM, 1996, Directed by Wes Craven)

Dimension Films

Every dude needs a movie-going bro and Billy Loomis struck gold when he joined forces with his horror-obsessed buddy Stu. On the evil side of the bromance spectrum are these two serial killers who, to this day, have young women oddly swooning. When killing his girlfriend’s adulterous mother isn’t enough closure, Billy recruits his trusted sidekick Stu to accompany him in committing a town-wide massacre. Constantly complementing each other, Billy provides the melodramatic teenage baggage while Stu provides the endless dark comic relief and pop culture references. Stu may get the short end of the knife in this bromance, but he shows great determination in finishing what the duo started. Just don’t call his mom and dad.

Shaun and Ed (SHAUN OF THE DEAD, 2004, Directed by Edgar Wright)

Universal Pictures

Shaun and Ed are the very epitome of best bro goals. From primary school friends to roommates, Shaun and Ed are inseparable… even post mortem. What Ed lacks in class, sense, and responsibility he makes up for in his jokes, childlike enthusiasm, and his ability to wack a zombie or two. Ed is the Player 1 to your Player 2 during a morning of video games and there is no better bloke to host your evening pity party when you face lady trouble. He’s undoubtedly the bro that you can bring to the bar and bring home to mum but don’t count on him to clean house or take down your phone messages.

Sebastian/Elvis and Jack (BUBBA HO-TEP, 2002, Directed by Don Coscarelli)


You know you have achieved bromance at its finest when you are able to spend the rest of your days with your dude. Sure, a nursing home is not the ideal last stop in your friendship and the both of you might be suffering from imaginative delusions, but you still have each other. Sebastian Haff— better known as Elvis Presley— and his pal Jack (or Mr. President) lived the bro dream in their golden years. Two supposed historical figures shacked up in decaying Hell dedicated their remaining time together to fighting feisty nurses, the downsides of aging, and a butt-sucking mummy after their souls. These old timers might be senile and deteriorating but they always have each other’s backs… and hip bones… and dentures…