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Is J.J. Abrams Bringing All Of Stephen King’s Characters To Hulu Series CASTLE ROCK?


So, if you’re a Stephen King fan, the teaser trailer to J.J. Abrams new Hulu TV series simply titled CASTLE ROCK, is going to blow you away. Castle Rock is, of course, the town in which a good chunk of King’s novels take place. If the implication of this teaser is true, then we’re about to get a drama series where we get to see them all in the same (forgive me for using this now over-used term) “shared universe.” Have a look!

There’s very little we know about the show beyond this announcement teaser. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The anthology will weave together characters and themes from those novels that use the Castle Rock location. Each season will follow a different set of characters and storylines while interjecting themes and specific characters from previous seasons.”

The trade also reports, “Sources tell THR that Sam Shaw (Manhattan) and Dusty Thomason are also attached to the drama, which hails from Abrams and his Warner Bros. Television-based Bad Robot banner.”

It’s still early days, but needless to say, it’s a good time to be a Stephen King fan!