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Listen To Adrienne Barbeau, Barbara Crampton On The 5/5/78 Podcast!

It’s the weekend! And if you’re looking for something to do, or something to listen to while commuting, or going about your weekend plans, we’ve got a podcast recommendation for you.

Granted, you should be giving the horror talk show Shock Waves a whirl, but if you’re looking for something else, might I recommend 5/5/78? It’s a show that’s part of “The Damn Fine Network,” which primarily consists of soundtrack-related podcasts, all hosted and curated by Tony Giles. (I do a pop culture podcast with Tony on this network called TWO DUDES TALKING, which I also recommend!)

5/5/78, however, focuses on in-depth interviews. And two of his latest guests are definitely up genre fans’ alleys! First up, you’ll find a great, lovely chat with Adrienne Barbeau! She was, of course, the star of several John Carpenter features, including THE FOG, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and SOMEONE’S WATCHING ME. She was in Wes Craven’s SWAMP THING, George Romero’s CREEPSHOW, and played Rodney Dangerfield’s awful second wife Vanessa in BACK TO SCHOOL. This chat covers them all, including her voice over work as Catwoman on the BATMAN animated series, her role in CANNONBALL RUN, and much, much more. It’s definitely worth a spin, so give it a listen!

And while we’re at it, who doesn’t love Barbara Crampton? Tony chats with her in the episode embedded below about her early career in soaps and in horror films, and then her recent resurgence in the film biz as both an actress and producer. Also worth a listen!

You can find plenty more to listen to on The Damn Fine Network on Soundcloud, or on iTunes.


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