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Watch the Latest Blumhouse Original Creepypasta Video — LEADER LADY

Following the succulent success of last week’s grisly installment HOSPITAL FOOD (for strong stomachs only), we’re back again with another original creepypasta video – and much like our earlier chapter A LITTLE NIGHTMARE, our latest episode delves into a mysterious footnote in cinematic history.

Have you ever watched an older film that still had color bars, countdown and other test patterns still attached to the leader? Have you ever noticed that occasionally a woman’s face appears for a fraction of a second (usually just one or two frames of film) during the countdown? If so, have you ever wondered who she is?

Image Credit: Chicago Film Society

Film archivists only recently began compiling footage of these anonymous “Leader Ladies,” and while we know why they were photographed (so that the lab processing the print could confirm skin tones and other factors), we still know next to nothing about the identities of the women themselves.

Except for one — her name is Lili, she was reported missing in 1972, and is presumed dead.

But at least one film collector thinks she’s still with us… and they don’t just mean she’s immortalized on film. They suspect, against all sense, that she’s still in there — waiting to emerge the next time you watch the reel bearing her image.

Would you like to meet Lili? Press play and she might pay you a visit…