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Mick Garris Launches POST MORTEM Podcast With Special Guest Rob Zombie!

This is just so cool.

Mick Garris has long been a staple of the horror community, having helmed a ton of horror movies and television. He’s tackled a handful of Stephen King adaptations, including King’s original screenplay, SLEEPWALKERS, as well as THE STAND and THE SHINING. He told the prequel story of Norman Bates long before the BATES MOTEL TV series did in PSYCHO IV: THE BEGINNING. He’s directed episodes of DEAD OF SUMMER, WITCHES OF EAST END and PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. He also created the horror anthology series MASTERS OF HORROR which debuted on Showtime. He knows his stuff, especially when it comes to the genre. This is why it’s always exciting to hear him conduct interviews with his peers.

He hosted an interview talk show for the Z Channel, and also did a video interview show, POST MORTEM, with FEARnet. Now, he’s reformatted and relaunched POST MORTEM as a podcast. And his guest for the first episode is none other than Rob Zombie!

The show just debuted this week via Podcast One, and the first episode with Zombie is a candid, must-listen interview. Personally, I’m always a bit mixed on Zombie’s films, but I always find him to be a highly intellectual, inspiring and fascinating interview, and this chat is no exception.

We hear about his earliest horror recollections, music experiences and more, but when he gets candid about the many challenges he’s faced in the film world, that’s when this interview is at its best. For example, did you know HALLOWEEN 2 was the most difficult of his films to make? He quit once during pre-production when writers were brought on with another script, and then lost 2 weeks worth of shooting time the day before they kicked off principle photography! Other interesting tid-bits include the history of getting HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES into theaters, why DEVIL’S REJECTS was his best film experience thus far, and how although it didn’t get a full theatrical release, how 31 is already one of his most profitable film! All of this and more, you can hear on the premiere episode of POST MORTEM, embedded below for your convenience!

You can find POST MORTEM with Mick Garris directly on the Podcast One website, or search for it on your podcast app or on iTunes and subscribe. Upcoming guests include Stuart Gordon, Eli Roth and Don Coscarelli! You should also check out the archive of his video interviews via his official website: