The 13th Floor

Meet 4 Fellows That Unfortunately Happened To Be Named Norman Bates!

This is great! As a life long PSYCHO fan, I’m both excited yet slightly saddened that BATES MOTEL on A&E will be wrapping up with their upcoming 5th and final season. However, in honor of their grand conclusion, they’ve been putting together some fun promotional videos for their Facebook page, and here’s an idea I wish I thought about back when I was putting together THE PSYCHO LEGACY documentary.

Meet Norman Bates.

No, the real one. Actually, real ones. Plural!

Here’s a fun video with 4 men that just happened to share a name with everyone’s favorite cinematic Mamma’s boy, and they discuss what it’s like to share a name with the most infamous PSYCHO of all time! Checking into a motel must be something…

BATES MOTEL Season 5 kicks off Monday, February 20th on A&E!


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