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The Horror! Francis Coppola is Developing the APOCALYPSE NOW Video Game

Get ready for some some crazy news: There’s a new survival horror-style video game in development based on Francis Ford Coppola’s Vietnam epic APOCALYPSE NOW.

Before you mentally throw it into the dungheap of shovelware games that crap on classic movies, consider this: Coppola himself is behind the project, and has compiled a development team made up of industry heavy-hitters who have worked on games like GEARS OF WAR and BATTLEFIELD.

Instead of a quick cash-in, APOCALYPSE NOW is planned as a “first-person perspective survival and horror game with strong roleplaying elements.” It’s described as “FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS on acid in the middle of the Vietnam War.”

You are Captain Willard, a nearly mad soldier on a mission to assassinate Colonel Kurtz, a rogue American officer who has gone jungle-mad and is operating “beyond the pale of any acceptable human conduct.” As you creep through jungles toward the madman you must murder, you’ll meet all kinds of crazy weirdos, maybe get some surfing in, and generally get all spooky-Vietnam.

But you won’t fight CALL OF DUTY-style battles. This is adamantly not a cookie-cutter shooter, and that’s by design. Coppola wanted to produce the game outside of the blockbuster video game development system, in order to make something unique.

“The major game publishers have modeled themselves after the big Hollywood studios, in that they’re driven to make risk-free, formulaic, tent-pole projects that fit easily into a specific genre,” Coppola said on the game’s kickstarter page. “Game industry executives told us we should license our film and make a shooter game, or do a mobile version, purely trading on the iconic title of the film… but that’s the last thing I want to do.”

The predicted release date for the game is October 2020, but there are a lot of napalm-covered flaming hoops to jump through before you can stick the disc in your console. The first step is funding the kickstarter, and you can help out if you want by visiting the  APOCALYPSE NOW kickstarter page.