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EXCLUSIVE: Watch the Freaky New Trailer for BLESSED ARE THE CHILDREN!

2017 is already shaping up to be the year when the horror genre goes all-in to tackle hot-button social and political topics, and while studio releases like Blumhouse’s own GET OUT are likely to inspire a lot of intense conversation soon, don’t forget that independent horror filmmakers have been in there swinging for a long, long time now.

Among those ranks is writer-director Chris Moore, whose new feature BLESSED ARE THE CHILDREN tackles the dangerously divisive issue of abortion rights — and it does so in the mode of an ‘80s-style slasher film!

Moore offered us an exclusive first look at the film’s full-length trailer — and it’s even creepier than the vintage-style teaser we shared last year [if you missed that, it’s worth a look], and you can watch it right here:

The story follows tormented twenty-something Tracy Patterson (Kaley Ball), whose decision to terminate her pregnancy sets a bizarre and nightmarish series of events in motion, as she’s set upon by a group of homicidal religious fanatics hiding behind creepy baby masks.

BLESSED has been making the festival rounds to rave reviews, so you can hopefully expect it to be picked up for distribution this year. In the meantime, drink in the horrific trailer (those damn baby masks are freaky as hell), and stick around for a look at the superb poster by Sadist Art — which looks like it would also make an awesome paperback book cover.

Hey, there’s a thought… wouldn’t a BLESSED ARE THE CHILDREN tie-in novelization kick ass?


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