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Do You Have A Love/Hate Relationship With THE WALKING DEAD?

This past Sunday, after a brief mid-season break, THE WALKING DEAD resumed it’s seventh season with episode 9 “Rock In The Road,” once again helmed by the great Greg Nicotero, and as usual, most of us horror lovers tuned in to watch.

Mid-way through the episode, my roommate turned to me, and said/asked, “this sucks, right?” And I nodded and agreed that “yeah, this totally sucks.”

I don’t want this to come across as a take down of this series that I know a lot of you still hold near and dear. Look – I’m happy that there’s a freakin’ zombie television series out there, and that it’s as watched & celebrated as it is! But… I think the biggest problem is the potential to be great is there, and consistently squandered.

I think I have a love/hate relationship with THE WALKING DEAD, that mostly hovers on hate. Sure, this episode wasn’t a total waste. Yeah, yeah, they’re setting up the big war. But when Rick and Michonne drove the two cars with a line between them to mow down a whole shit ton of zombies, I felt a little flutter of excitement. And then it was gone. “Why are you still watching then, Rob?”

I wonder that myself. I think at this point it’s our of sheer loyalty and habit. I’m a horror fan. There’s this big show about zombies on every week. I watch it mostly so some idiot doesn’t spoil it for me online in a few short hours. But, why do I even care anymore? It just doesn’t matter.

The harsh reality is that AMC is taking full advantage of our fandom and spreading this show as thin as humanly possible to make the biggest profit possible. Realistically, nothing happens in this show except for the season opener, the mid-season finale and the finale. Everything in between doesn’t even matter. ┬áThis week’s episode was an hour and 15 minutes long. Was it a longer episode? No, it was solely extended for the sake of selling more commercials. And that’s fine, I get it. But television is just so darned good right now, and I see flourishes of greatness in THE WALKING DEAD, that I keep hanging around hoping that they’ll become more prominent, and they never do.

It’s like someone watering down a glass of good expensive whiskey. You know that somewhere in there, among the ice cubes, there is some mighty fine top quality whiskey, and yet, all you taste is the water used to dilute it. But, you still hope it’ll fuck you up a little.

Anyways, that’s just my 2 cents. But recently, the fine fiends over at Mr. Sunday Movies posted a video that summed up a lot of my feelings. While I question if my relationship with THE WALKING DEAD is a love/hate relationship, they boldly state “The Walking Dead Is Boring & I Hate It.” Check that out below.

Whether you agree or not, there’s something about a fellow in an Australian accent telling it how it is that makes me laugh. By the way, they also do great “easter egg” videos for all the comic book related properties and STAR WARS stuff, so you should definitely head over to their You Tube and subscribe.

But what about you? Do you still love THE WALKING DEAD? Do you watch it begrudgingly? Do you harbor a love/hate relationship with this show? Sign off on the comments below!