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A Fun Tid-Bit About THE CROW And It’s Connection To JOHN WICK 2!

JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2 opened to big box office, and much praise from audiences and critics alike. It pulled in over $30 million this weekend, double the first entries original weekend take, so it’s a good week to be both star Keanu Reeves (whom I hope will take this clout to finally get BILL & TED 3 made!) and director Chad Stahelski, who also helmed the first JOHN WICK with David Leitch.

Leitch is now off working on DEADPOOL 2, but it turns out both Stahelski and Leitch both have an extensive and impressive career in stunt world. But here’s an interesting movie tid-bit that’s remained fairly uncredited up until now. The JOHN WICK 2 director played THE CROW in a series of re-shoot after the untimely death of star Brandon Lee. Screenwriter David J. Schow posted about it on honor of JOHN WICK 2’s weekend victory. See below:

From David J. Schow’s Facebook page: “The man at whose back you are looking is CHAD STAHELSKI (also credited as “Storelson”), better known as the director of JOHN WICK 2 … and another of Brandon’s doubles for THE CROW, along with the equally noteworthy Jeff Cadiente.”

The original 1994 film adaptation of James O’Barr’s comic book THE CROW still remains a cult favorite. There have been numerous sequels, a television series and countless comic book off-shoots, but none quite as successful as the original movie or book that featured Eric Draven. At the moment, Corin Hardy, who will next direct THE CONJURING 2 spin-off film THE NUN is attached to helm THE CROW remake with Jason Momoa set to top-line, after his turn as AQUAMAN, of course.

Regardless of how many iterations of THE CROW come and go, none will match the Alex Proyas movie, nor Brandon Lee’s indelible performance.