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Human-Sized “Pot Monster” Sighted During Live News Broadcast

If you’re one of the millions forced to hunker down indoors during the massive blizzards that blasted much of the Northeastern US, you’ve probably been looking for some kind of relief… and while this story might not be exactly the help you expected, hopefully it elicits enough giggles to make it worth retweeting to your fellow housebound peeps.

The footage and video seen here were captured during a live broadcast from 22 News Meteorologist Jennifer Pagliei in Springfield, Massachusetts, who was reporting on a massive snowstorm in the region… when things suddenly got weird.

At first, Pagliei didn’t notice the large, dark-green shape creeping up behind her, but as the camera pans across the snow-swept city street, she can be heard giggling when she finally notices the creature — which she later nicknamed the “Pot Sasquatch” due to the fact that the unidentified prankster’s costume was made entirely of comically oversized marijuana leaves and buds.

On closer observation even its “face” is shaped like the beloved five-point leaf.

Image Credit: WWLP 22 News

While several locals claim to know who the weedy creeper is (according to comments on Facebook, the character has made several appearances in Springfield), the wearer of the costume has not been officially identified. All we know is he or she seems perfectly comfortable stomping around bigfoot-style in sub-freezing temperatures… maybe they’re hot-boxing in there?

Image Credit: WWLP 22 News

Here’s an outtake from the raw footage recently posted on Facebook (in which you can clearly hear the reporter laughing):