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Have Yourself A Bloody Little VALENTINE’s With These New Horror Shirts!

Well, it’s that time of year again. Yep, the dreaded…. Valentine’s Day!

I don’t know how you single folks celebrate. I usually treat myself to a double feature of the 2009 MY BLOODY VALENTINE remake in 3D, paired up with the rare uncut version of the original 1981 “slasher” cult classic MY BLOODY VALENTINE. But alas, you don’t have to spend it alone. Instead, you can rock one of these fine Valentine Horror inspired swag, and maybe meet a kindred spirit.

First up, the fine fiends at Cavity Colors have got their sights set on Jamie Blank’s 2001 “slasher” VALENTINE. Right now, you can order either a regular T-Shirt version, or a baseball tee featuring the film’s creepy Cupid masked killer designed & drawn by artist Devon Whitehead. (Read our interview with him here.)

It’s funny. At the time, I recall not digging the movie too much, but now that some time has passed, it’s actually one of the better, stylized post-SCREAM slashers from the early 2000’s. Definitely worth another look, and if you haven’t already, I absolutely recommend the original Tom Savage novel. Despite sharing the same name, very little else is the same and the book is a fantastic murder mystery thriller. Alas, if you’re already a fan, you should add one of these to your t-shirt collection right now.

Cavity Colors also has this pretty epic MY BLOODY VALENTINE print for sale. It’s a limited edition of 100 pieces, signed and numbered by artist Aaron Crawford titled “Cross Your Heart,” and runs $40 bucks. It’s 17 x 22 and will fit perfectly in a 18 x 24 frame. Get yours right here.

Ah, and now, from the fine fiends over at Fright-Rags, they’ve got something special in store for you! They’ve just launched their “Harry Warden” Collection in honor of MY BLOODY VALENTINE! First up there’s a limited edition box set (200 pieces!) that features “The Ballad Of Harry Warden” tee with art by Matt Ryan Tobin, an autographed enamel pin by Paul Kelman, custom MY BLOODY VALENTINE candy in a heart shaped box all packaged together in a collector’s box. Get that one here.

You can also get Matt Ryan Tobin’s “Ballad Of Harry Warden” design on a red tee, or a red baseball tee.

Then there’s the “Bloody Miner” design by Justin Osbourn.

Last but not least, there are also two enamel pin designs from Matt Ryan Tobin available.

You can order all of the above and more over at!

Don’t miss out on future Fright-Rags goodies! Be sure to bookmark their official website, “like” them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and on Instagram. I’m sure much like the Sawyer clan, they’re cooking up some other fun stuff for the rest of this year!