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10 Terrific Recent Horror Films You May Have Missed

As horror fans, we try our best to pay attention to all the major genre releases, but in the current market which is saturated with amazing indie titles, it is easy to occasionally miss a frightening gem. Below are 10 great horror flicks from the past two years that received quieter releases than they deserved. Be sure to add them to your viewing lists.

HOWL (2015)

We aren’t seeing a lot of werewolves in the contemporary horror market, so I was pleasantly surprised by the British dark comedy/horror movie HOWL. A group of passengers are trapped on a train under werewolf attack. The movie has echoes of a B-horror film, but the filmmakers somehow use this to their advantage, making it even more charming.  There are also some pretty impressive special effects!



If you haven’t seen this one yet, stop everything, and go watch it on Netflix. Though it topped many critical “best of” lists for 2016, I know some viewers were still put off by the subtitles. Get over it. The movie is well worth the task of reading. In a South Korean village, there is an outbreak of murder/suicides. Though poisonous mushrooms are first suspected, it becomes clear there is a more supernatural reason.



This one is also currently streaming on Netflix. A disturbed man becomes convinced that all the people around him are evil shapeshifters.



This film had a shockingly quiet release considering how clever it is. After the death of his girlfriend, Rob becomes overcome with grief until he falls in love with one of his co-workers. He soon discovers that dead Nina returns from the grave anytime Rob tries to have sex with his new love.



This is a very polarizing film, and many horror fans may not enjoy it. It is arty, slow, and quite peculiar in some of the production choices, almost bordering on theatrical. But if you are a fan of old TWILIGHT ZONE episodes or looking for something unique and off-beat, this is certainly worth a watch. During a violent storm, a bus station is cut off from the rest of the world. One by one people experience convulsive fits followed by bizarre changes.



A mother and daughter are in a car crash while on a late night rural road trip. Trapped inside their dead car, they discover they are being stalked by a vicious monster lurking in the woods. THE MONSTER is currently streaming on Netflix.



Fan of 80s VHS culture? You shouldn’t miss this one! After the death of their father, two brothers uncover a strange VHS game that sends them into an alternate reality of nightmarish proportions.


THE BOY (2015)

A stellar script and terrific acting push this quiet, slow-burn horror into a deeply unsettling realm. Set at a run-down motel amidst family drama, a young boy becomes fascinated with killing and death.


VISIONS (2015)

This straight-to-Netflix release is directed by genre veteran Kevin Greutert and packs some nice scares. A pregnant woman and her husband leave their city home and buy a rural vineyard, but she begins having disturbing visions and nightmares.



This horror anthology boasts some great genre names in both directors and cast, including the Radio Silence team and David Bruckner. The movie follows several travelers as they journey down a remote stretch of highway, each encountering different nightmares.